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DraftStar Football Camps

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DraftStar Football Camps
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DraftStar Football Camps
DraftStar Football Camps
DraftStar Football Camps
DraftStar Football Camps


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DraftStar Football Camps

DraftStar, the Official High Performance Talent Partner of the AFL, is running football development camps this school holidays.  Camps are for boys and girls of all abilities between the ages of 11 and 17 - the only must have items are a love of footy and a desire to be your best.  

DraftStar Camps are a real AFL experience.  They are run by past and present AFL players, and use the latest in AFL testing procedures and training techniques.  It's a chance rub shoulders with past and present players, and to really experience what it's like to be an elite level player.   Maybe you have ambitions to play in the AFL...DraftStar Camp is the perfect way to see what it takes to get there and to talk to those who made it.  Or maybe you just love your footy and want to improve...either way, DraftStar Camp is for you.

To make a booking please visit our website or phone 03 9020 5565.

DraftStar Camp Schedule

  1. Assumption College, Kilmore
    3 day residential camp: 1-3 July: $599
  2. Royal Park, Parkville
    3 day residential camp: 3-5 July: $599
  3. North Ballarat FC
    2 day non-residential camp: 8-9 July: $299
  4. St Kilda FC
    2 day non-residential camp: 11-12 July: $299
  5. Trinity College, East Perth
    3 day non residential camp: 15-17 July: $399
  6. Assumption College, Kilmore
    3 day residential camp: 23-25 September: $599
  7. Yarra Valley Grammar
    2 day non-residential camp: 26-27 September: $299
  8. North Melbourne FC
    2 day non-residential camp: 30 Sep-1 Oct: $299
  9. Geelong
    2 day non-residential camp: 3-4 October: $299


If you want a positive experience for your kids then send them to AFL Draftstar where they will be mentored by what I believe are Australia's best leaders! My sons experience gained was second to none!! Thank you DraftStar!

My son Noah attended the camp at Essendon and I wanted to let all you guys at DraftStar know what a wonderful time he had. The program offers so much for the boys, it's not only about athletics but also gives them great role models, to inspire them to become the best men they can be in our community. Teaching them to have self worth and qualities like RESPECT and BELIEF is so important. I could go on and on but I just want to say thank you for developing such a great program.

Marina Balta

This program is highly recommended for young people that love their footy. Don't think this is just about helping guys play better and increasing their chance of playing at high levels, or getting drafted later on. What is more important is that this is about leadership, teamwork, setting and working towards goals, and respect for others. It is about character and learning to keep going through difficulties and in unfamiliar environments, while pursuing something that matters to you. Those are traits and life skills that apply to much more than just footy. I commend the DraftStar team for what they have been developing. My son enjoyed it; got a lot out of it; met new people including kids, AFL players and staff; learned about skills, fitness and the game; and the organisers are good role models for the boys. Very professionally run and very worthwhile.

Peter Smith

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