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Vince Barclay Tennis Academy

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Vince Barclay Tennis Academy
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Phone: 02 9877 0679

Service Area

Macquarie University “Sportsfields”
Cnr Culloden & Talavera Rds
Marsfield Sydney NSW 2122

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Vince Barclay Tennis Academy

Tennis is a brilliant way for children to get outside in the sunshine and fresh air, learning new skills, making friends and getting tons of exercise. In fact, tennis serves up loads of fun for kids of all activity levels.

The school holiday tennis program is based in North Sydney and offers a full day of playing tennis and participation in other activities, for children aged 4 to 12 years. Running from 9am to 3pm (or a morning session from 9am to 12.30pm), the program is a fabulous introduction to the MLC Hot Shot program.

What to bring to tennis camp

All your child needs to bring is cold drinks for the day (preferably water), morning tea and lunch plus a hat and sunscreen. Hire racquets are available if your child doesn’t have one, or you can purchase one for them to own in the clubhouse.

Wet weather activities

Don’t worry! Indoor activities are available on wet weather days so you can always count on being able to send your child, and not disappointing them because of rain.

The Vince Barclay Tennis Academy is registered as a Child Carer with Centrelink. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your child will be well looked after in a safe environment.

The benefits of the Tennis School Holiday Programs

The Vince Barclay Tennis Academy doesn’t just produce players, but people also mature in it. Some of these will become champions, but the greater focus is on helping students become successful in all walks of life, on and off the court. There are coaches, trainers and educators who are always committed to building tennis players, athletes and individuals. It is all put in place for your child to succeed.

Children love the tennis academy because:

  • They meet other children and make new friends
  • They can go even if it’s raining
  • Tennis is a new skill they can look forward to mastering
  • They can really see themselves improving
  • It’s tons of fun for all ages
  • They’ll get fitter and healthier
  • No boredom!

Why not book your child in for some fun and active sport that anyone can do? All children are welcome regardless of proficiency level. Contact Vince Barclay Tennis Academy today. 

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