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PO Box 8099
Burwood Heights VIC 3151


Phone: 0407 123 493 Mobile: 0407 123 394

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Upcoming Sports Camps

  • Australian Rules Football Camp
  • Volleyball Camp
  • Hockey Camp
  • Tennis Camp
  • Cricket Camp
  • Dance Camp
  • MiniKidz Camp
  • Rugby / Touch Camp
  • Netball Camp
  • Multisportz Camp
  • Soccer Camp
  • Basketball Camp

“Dear Jane,

Where to start - It has always been such a wonderfully positive experience for our three younger children....

  • Yoshi (AFL footy, Hockey and Tennis)
  • Asuka (AFL footy, Hockey and Tennis)
  • Shien (Dance, Minikidz, and Netball)

Over the years...quite a few I might add ...all our children have attended many such clinics at many different places. I can honestly say that this is one of the very best...why?

  • Number one is the safe environment that the children are in...both physically and with caring coaches.
  • Two is the very hands on approach of both the Directors, Jane and Greg and their teams of expert coaches who always try their best to give individualized attention to all the children under their care and guidance.  Nothing is ever too much trouble for this team.  It is a caring venture with all on board helping to foster this nurturing environment.
  • Three is the fact that our children actually come away from these clinics tired / invigorated / happy / improved in their skill ability and ready for the next day means that this is not just a laze around clinic...they do have to get out there and run around.
  • Four is the ease of attending the clinics / the organising of the healthy Subway lunches / the fruit that is provided and the drinks / the sunscreen / the drink bottles / the hats / the T shirts / the individual certificates....every single detail is taken care of that you could possibly imagine!
  • Five is watching Bella (Please call me by my name Isabella) growing up.....
  • Six is watching the children come into the clinic on the second and third happy and bounding out of their cars to be with their new found mates ...gaining so many skills both physically and as an individual who can participate in a team sport and get so much back from that sport and also the wonderfully positive environment that leads them to a much healthier lifestyle”

Kymme (and Eiji) Fujihara

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